Parking at Venues and Stadiums is complex. No single technology provider can meet all of a venue management teams’ needs, until NOW

    ParkJockey is the leader in parking virtualization, revenue control and operations management in the Venues and Stadiums space. Not only do we have the latest in payment technology (including EMV, Apple Pay, Reservations, On-Site Payment Kiosks and LPR enabled Auto-Pay solutions) we are also proud of our focus and ability to help our clients achieve increases in yield, due to the elimination of theft and the reduction of CAPEX/OPEX costs.


    ParkJockey provides venue management teams with a one-stop shop solution that includes a centralized dashboard, accessible and live 24/7, traffic flow, revenue analytics and big data.



    Tailored to fit your requirements

    AutoVigil LPR

    Allow vehicles to enter without needing to stop for attendent


    Season pass holders can simply enter the lots. No need for hangtags or passes


    Auto-alert enforcement in case of non-payment or overstays

    AutoPay solution allows registered vehicles to seamlessly drive in and out, and account automatically charged


    Accept all forms of payments & reservations for comprehensive revenue management (EMV Chip, ApplePay. Cash/Card)


    Ticketmaster certified partner


    Transactions processed in 3-5 seconds


    Intuitive interface with real-time feedback on capacities and vehicle count


    Ticketless parking using vehicle license plates

    Accepts Credit Card, EMV Chip and Apple Pay


    Allow fans to enter venue faster for a much better experience


    Can be utilized for concessions and cross-selling additional services



    Ensure customers park efficiently to minimize impact on traffic flow


    Improved customer experience


    Support planning with better understanding of car park demand


    Obtain visibility of data and gain insights on your customers




    360° management of parking operations


    Manage parking rates and capacity in real time


    Leverage actionable insights about your parking operation


    24/7 dedicated customer support



    Provides most efficient method of transport to your venue


    Gain insightful data on who is visiting your venue


    Ability to book parking, taxi's and gain public transport information


    Easily embedded onto site

  • WHY US

    The reasons why venues choose ParkJockey

    1. ParkJockey eliminates the substantial CAPEX costs typically required for Parking. We are focused on improving our partners Net Operating Income/Profits.


    2. We are the parking technology of the future, accessible today.



    3. As our Technology evolves we will always be at the leading edge bringing you the latest solutions.



    4. Our A-List clientele means we have been vetted by the best.


    5. ParkJockey won the Rose Bowl Stadium agreement after a head to head live test going up against the most respected names in Parking Reservations and Venue Technology business.

    6. ParkJockey is a complete Parking solution, not a partial solution. We provide the Transient, Event, Monthly, Season Pass, Stadium, PARCS, LPR/ANPR, Mobile, CMS, Reservations, Validation and Big Data.


    7. ParkJockey is a 100% in-house built solution. We do not “license” or rely on outside firms to enhance, update, customize and tailor our solution to a specific client’s needs.


    8. ParkJockey works over 4G/LTE, Wifi or offline. Ensuring the speed of transactions are at a maximum efficiency.


    9. We integrate all parking operations into a dashboard for full big data analytics and transparency.


    10. The data gathered from customers utilizing ParkJockey is ALWAYS your data.


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